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The Beginning of the Graphic Novel: The Death of Womankind

By Darkrelic Entertainment - 16 March 2018

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The Beginning of the Graphic Novel: The Death of Womankind

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In order to explain the backstory of the tragedy that eradicated all the women, we’re offering a free graphic novel/webcomic. This comic book was conceived by Mary Lacroix and Guillaume Bérubé, 2 founders of the company, and the writers of Love Eden. This story will be completely free, and you’ll be able to read it by registering to the site. The story is in the process of being written. We are currently at the end of chapter 04, and we plan to do about 15 chapters. We also want to publish a few pages at a time frequently, so that you can enjoy them. There are some links between the game and this webcomic… but it will be up to you to figure out the connections. Don’t forget that encouraging us will make it possible to accelerate the productions of each of our projects, and to be able to work on them full-time. We also want to publish a book that you will be able to buy, if you are impatient or simply more interested in a physical format. We’ll put it on sale as soon as it’s finished.

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